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Abbott Diagnostics South Asia, part of Abbott Laboratories, recommends ELGA’s MEDICA series of high flow water purification systems for use with its automated diagnostic instruments. This partnership ensures that Abbott’s medical laboratory customers throughout South Asia, and beyond, benefit from ELGA’s knowledge and expertise to support their laboratory water needs.

MEDICA Water Purification Systems: A Reliable Supply Of Clinical Laboratory Reagent Water (CLRW)

South Asia is a challenging environment for clinical laboratory equipment manufacturers, with a wide range of local market structures spread across a large geographical area. Abbott Diagnostics South Asia understands that ensuring a high-quality service for all customers in the region requires close collaboration with local distributors and trusted third-party suppliers, and has chosen to partner with ELGA LabWater to meet the water purification needs of its customers. As part of this collaboration, Abbott recommends the Company’s MEDICA series of water purification systems are installed alongside all Abbott Diagnostics instruments throughout South Asia, providing a reliable supply of clinical laboratory reagent water (CLRW).

Brian Hilton, Regional Service Manager for South Asia at Abbott Laboratories, explained:

“A reliable and consistent supply of CLRW standard water is vital to the operation of many of our clinical analyzers, helping to ensure trouble-free operation and minimize maintenance requirements. Water is different everywhere, no matter which country you are in, but the large variations in provision of amenities and medical laboratory funding across the region make this a particularly important consideration for the South Asian market.”

Abbott Diagnostics and ELGA LabWater - A Strong Partnership

“To minimize the effect of these local variations, we try to provide customers with total solutions which include not just the analyzers themselves, but also any ancillary equipment necessary to run the instruments, as this can have a significant impact on a customer’s experience of our systems. Although most laboratories already have water purification systems in place, these are not always suitable to supply our analyzers, due to output volume, quality or reliability issues. In these instances, we wanted to work with a knowledgeable water purification system manufacturer with extensive experience of the South Asia market, and were very impressed by ELGA’s approach. The Company’s local representatives have an in-depth understanding of the market, and were very responsive to our needs, giving us confidence that our customers would receive the right level of support.”

“Our partnership with ELGA has been running for a number of years, and we recommend ELGA’s MEDICA series of high flow systems for all our customer installations. The ELGA team is always very helpful and quick to respond, and routinely visit customer sites to test the water supply and ensure that they recommend the most appropriate system for each installation. Their wealth of experience means that they always consider the many different factors which can affect the laboratory’s water supply, incorporating these into their recommendations, and it is this thorough approach that initially made us choose to work with ELGA.”

More and More Countries are Adopting ELGA's Lab Water Purification Systems

“To give customers a better understanding of the advantages of ELGA’s MEDICA systems, we also use them in our demonstration and training laboratory. This facility is designed to show customers what an ‘ideal’ clinical set-up might look like, and includes not just our instruments, but also all of the ancillary equipment necessary to run them, which obviously includes the water purifiers. This not only benefits customers, but also visiting engineers and application specialists from around the region. Training in this laboratory not only lets them see how we can work with third party suppliers such as ELGA to deliver a better solution for our customers – helping to re-enforce the ‘complete package’ mindset – it also lets them experience at first hand the benefits of this approach, which they then take back to their individual territories. As times goes on, more and more countries are adopting the ELGA systems for their installations, and hopefully this will become normal practice throughout the region.”

Peace of Mind From Expert Laboratory Equipment Suppliers

“Overall, ELGA’s service and technical support are an excellent match for our own operations in South Asia. It’s a very good partnership, with a helpful and dedicated team, and it is good to know that they are always on hand if a customer has a problem. We have complete peace of mind in the MEDICA systems and the ELGA team; our in-house engineers know they can depend on the systems to perform reliably, and the customer receives a more efficient, comprehensive service.”

"Abbott Laboratories recommends ELGA’s MEDICA series of high flow water purification systems"


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