Beam Me Up, Scotty: PURELAB® Option Q Delivers Essential Ultra Pure Water

Diamond Light Source
United Kingdom

PURELAB OPTION QDiamond Light Source, situated in Oxford, UK has over 60 laboratories and to meet the wide range of user applications, 20 ELGA PURELAB® Option-Q water purification systems were required to meet the demanding specific water quality standards.

Synchrotron light is advancing research and development in a range of scientific fields, including protein crystallography and cell biology in the biomedical sector; microbiology, disease mechanisms and high resolution imaging for medical research; toxicology, atmospheric research, clean combustion and cleaner industrial production technologies for environmental sciences and plants genomics, soil studies and plant imaging for agriculture.


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Please note this product (PURELAB Option-Q) is no longer avaliable. Please Contact us to find the right system for you!