Fondazione Telethon Continues to Choose ELGA Labwater as a Trusted Partner

Fondazione Telethon
Pozzuoli, Italy

Telethon Case Study

The mission of the Fondazione Telethon is to provide treatments for people affected by rare genetic conditions.

Since its founding in 1990 as a non-profit organisation, the Fondazione Telethon, with the help and support of millions of Italians, has funded 2.704 scientific research projects, of which 2.558 have been successfully completed and a further 146 are currently in progress. One of the central projects underway is the Undiagnosed Diseases Programme which aims to discover the causes of unknown genetic diseases and to give them a name.

ELGA Labwater understood all the key requirements needed for the success of the project and working in partnership with Fondazione Telethon have provided a specialist solution.

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